Study Hydropower Plant

Nowadays energy is one the most important good. Its not like an ordinary good because it can not be created or destroyed even it is always still there within various forms. energy

The earth we live in, provides us resources for such energy abundantly that may be contained in forms of atoms, natural oil/gas, coal, peat, etc. But, utilising these resources in term of energy generation in power station using even a highest technology will certainly produce waste which will affect the humanity and environment.

Besides resources mentioned above, there are several resources from which the energy can be obtained like solar, hydro, biogas, bio mass, wind, tidal, geothermal. These resources are known renewable energy because they are environmental friendly.

Potential Hydro Power Plant (HPP) is available only on the river which has high discharge and level difference significantly between upstream and downstream.

To develop the HPP, it needs some studies that are generally conducted at the early phase to which the conceptual designs,  best technology selection, financial analysis will refer.

The following are the kind of study.

  1. Site Study
  2. Pre Feasilibility Study
  3. Feasibility Study.


Part 1.






A kind of traditional kids game existed about the 80t century in the villages of North Sumatera province, Indonesia. In this region lives Batak tribe whose family name like Simanjuntak, Sinaga, Lumbantobing, Panjaitan, Sembiring, Hasugian, Saragih, etc.

This game is played by the kids, normally the girls despite the boys also are welcome to play along. All the rules of game commonly agreed by themselves before start palying.
During the playing this no cost game, those kids looked mostly in happyness eventhough sometimes there is a small argue among them if they encountered a dispute for the case that has never been known or agreed before. They were always ended with a conclusion then continued the game.

The game was usually played during the day but more exciting to play at the full moon nights that the moon shines the village all night as there was no electrification available in the village – that time.

Nowadays, technology offers many games which is new and more interesting but at the same time consequently will also demolish something else including this game.
The most different between this game and todays game is the interaction among kids playing this game while todays game using gadget and internet is  mostly played individually and of course involves a high cost.